At the age of 19, I became a University of Louisville pole vaulter and found out my coach was also a chiropractor. Growing up in a family that went to a chiropractor, this was great news.  Although I did not realize how much more I had to learn. 

I had always gone to a chiropractor for the typical aches and pains.  But Dr. Sharp showed me how getting adjusted when you feel sick and under the weather can bring you back to health much faster. Dr. Sharp also showed me how my shoulders, ankles, and knees can use adjustments as well. I remember sitting on the edge of our pole vault runway watching practice one day. I was exhausted and felt awful. I had slept 10 hours the night before and still felt cruddy. Dr. Sharp asked me what was wrong because I was not jumping.  I explained my symptoms and he asked why I had not told him. I did not know what he was going to do about me feeling sick.  He adjusted me at practice that day... and the next day I felt 100% better. I even felt my clogged head drain immediately after the adjustment. 

Another time we had done a pole vault drill and I landed just off the edge of the mat, driving my heals into the concrete.  I got up and walked around but my ankles felt tight.  The next day I could walk fine, but lacked the movement in my ankles to run.  Dr. Sharp adjusted my ankles and toes and I was able to run away.  Dr. Sharp also continually adjusted my shoulders, as I caused them much stress pole-vaulting. Without Dr. Sharp my pole vaulting years would have been harder.  My recovery time from injury and illness would have been much longer. 

Chiropractic has been a part of my entire life, but Dr. Sharp taught me how it can help my well-being well beyond just aches and pains.

-- Cindy Meyer

Cindy competing for the University of Louisville. Dr. Sharp was her chiropractor and coach! 

Cindy competing for the University of Louisville. Dr. Sharp was her chiropractor and coach!