Dr. Sharp is very good at what he does. Took a lot of time with me going over my x-rays and the reality of how bad my back and neck really are. He stayed very positive about the outcome and making me feel better. Of course he was honest and said its gonna take some time and homework on my part. But he wants to make sure I'm at my best for my obstacle course races and ninja warrior training! Thanks Dr. Sharp

-John Wolf

We just started taking our daughter Lexie who is 7 to him for her neck because she had a trampoline injury and he is incredible with kids. She loves going to him. He is so thorough and spends a lot of time going over everything with you! He really, really knows what he is doing! And I have been going to chiropractors my whole life. We moved to TN and couldn’t find a good one but he is phenomenal! Do yourself a favor & go to him and you’ll see for yourself!!! Highly Highly Recommended!!

--Rosie Jones

Doc Sharp is not the typical 5 min. adjustment and out the door. He takes the extra time to address the root cause of someone’s pain. He is thorough, caring, has a great personality and explains why he is doing a certain manipulation. He is the best Chiropractor I have used over the last 30 years.

--Rod Schuh

Dr. Sharp is very thoughtful in his chiropractic approach to treating each individual he sees. He basically solved a migraine issue that I’ve had for years. No other chiropractor has ever been able to get to the bottom of the problem for me. It’s such a relief not to have to take migraine medication anymore.

--Mandy Sweeter

Dr. Sharp is an awesome chiropractor and person. I have been seeing him for several months and have experienced significant reduction in the symptoms of many chronic difficult medical conditions that I have. I completely trust him and appreciate his knowledge and expertise. I would recommend him as a definite miracle worker of a chiropractor.

--Katie Thompson

Dr. Sharp is an expert in his craft. As one of his former athletes, I've been lucky enough to have been adjusted by Doug for 15 years. I was first adjusted by Doug when the on campus training room wasn't making progress with my hip injury. Within a couple adjustments I was back to 100% and practicing every day again. From that time, and every visit to his offices, he has taken the time to understand every aspect of my health to make the most appropriate adjustment. I trust Doug with all of my health questions and concerns because his knowledge is vast, well-researched, grounded in intentional thought and patient-centered. As long as Doug has an office I will get there to be adjusted by him.

--Dennis Wolf

I have known Dr. Sharp for the past seven years.  Dr. Sharp started as my chiropractor in Michigan and to this day I have not been able to find another individual that is as detail-oriented and extremely competent in all facets of chiropractic healing.  Dr. Sharp not only identified and treated the issues in my lower back, but was able to provide education and treatment for long term healing.  Dr. Sharp has an excellent rapport with people of all ages and is able to determine very quickly the cause of an individual's pain and start providing the treatment, I say this as I am a perfect example.  I still reach out to Dr. Sharp for healing recommendations, and I would recommend Dr. Sharp to anyone that is dealing with any type of back pain or injury.

--Bill Stephenson


I started going to see Dr. Sharp after meeting him in a gym. My workouts were lousy, mostly due to pain in my neck and shoulder. I had been to other Chiropractors in the past, but after a few minutes talking with him I was convinced he was the person I needed to see. His Olympic and athletic background goes hand and hand with his nutritional knowledge. He put together a treatment plan that resolved my issues. From there I received regular maintenance care that has kept me feeling good. I would highly recommend Dr. Sharp if you are looking for pain relief and overall improved health.

--Tony Wise

At the age of 19, I became a University of Louisville pole vaulter and found out my coach was also a chiropractor. Growing up in a family that went to a chiropractor, this was great news.  Although I did not realize how much more I had to learn. 

I had always gone to a chiropractor for the typical aches and pains.  But Dr. Sharp showed me how getting adjusted when you feel sick and under the weather can bring you back to health much faster. Dr. Sharp also showed me how my shoulders, ankles, and knees can use adjustments as well. I remember sitting on the edge of our pole vault runway watching practice one day. I was exhausted and felt awful. I had slept 10 hours the night before and still felt cruddy. Dr. Sharp asked me what was wrong because I was not jumping.  I explained my symptoms and he asked why I had not told him. I did not know what he was going to do about me feeling sick.  He adjusted me at practice that day... and the next day I felt 100% better. I even felt my clogged head drain immediately after the adjustment. 

Another time we had done a pole vault drill and I landed just off the edge of the mat, driving my heals into the concrete.  I got up and walked around but my ankles felt tight.  The next day I could walk fine, but lacked the movement in my ankles to run.  Dr. Sharp adjusted my ankles and toes and I was able to run away.  Dr. Sharp also continually adjusted my shoulders, as I caused them much stress pole-vaulting. Without Dr. Sharp my pole vaulting years would have been harder.  My recovery time from injury and illness would have been much longer. 

Chiropractic has been a part of my entire life, but Dr. Sharp taught me how it can help my well-being well beyond just aches and pains.

-- Cindy Meyer

Cindy competing for the University of Louisville. Dr. Sharp was her chiropractor and coach! 

Cindy competing for the University of Louisville. Dr. Sharp was her chiropractor and coach! 

As a former patient of Dr. Sharp who dealt with chronic back pain for over a decade, he was an excellent resource and relief provider for me for over 6 years. The care I received from Dr. Sharp prevented me from having surgery.

I trust Dr. Sharp with my pain issues so much so that I sent my children to him as well. As an athlete himself, he's an authority on nutrition and exercise. His knowledge was most helpful for my children who are top athletes in their sport. His extensive knowledge in the sports and exercise field was a benefit to all four of my children.

I am grateful for Dr. Sharp's experience and would recommend him to chronic back pain sufferers and athletes. 

-- Holly Hillerich-Clark