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Dr. Sharp's office is high tech -- it's a paperless office.  You'll enter your medical information into a HIPPA compliant program via a tablet. Don't worry, if you need help, we're here to assist. 

Physical exam

First thing first -- in order to take care of the spine, we need to study the spine. Dr. Sharp is a Gonstead specialist. Gonstead uses five methods to study the spine -- X-ray, instrumentation, static palpation, motion palpation and visualization.  

Health SnapShot

Dr. Sharp utilizes technology to get an in-depth look at your health and wellness.

After your physical exam, Dr. Sharp will evaluate your bone structure from the feet to the knees to the hips utilizing a laser measurement system called A-line.

Using innovative bio-communication technology, the ZYTO Compass helps patients maintain general wellness by providing individualized information when choosing nutritional products. 

Our body's cellular makeup is always changing. Quantum Magnetic Resonance measures the rate of your cellular regeneration indicating your health, sub-health or disease. 

Spinal X-ray

The X-ray is the number one tool a chiropractor should utilize. As a Gonstead practitioner, Dr. Sharp specifically creates your care plan based on measurements taken directly from your X-ray. He uses Premier Radiology in Providence.  They are located less than 1/2 mile from our office. Premier sends your digital X-ray to our office via a HIPPA compliant electronic system.They accept cash or insurance payments for your convenience.   

Visit #2

Report of Findings

Before leaving your first appointment, Dr. Sharp will schedule you for a Report of Findings visit -- usually the next business day. In that 24 hours, Dr. Sharp will review your X-ray, Physical Exam and Health Snapshot results to devise the best treatment plan for you.  

Treatment begins

Treatment begins following the Report of Findings. Dr. Sharp wants you to know questions about your health are always welcome and encouraged.