Frequently Asked Questions


I wasn’t in a car wreck, I didn’t have a big fall – do I need chiropractic?

Yes, everyone on the planet can benefit from chiropractic care! Good chiropractic care can work wonders for those who have had traumatic injuries or endure nagging pain. But the essence of chiropractic is about wellness. Think about it --every system in the body is run by the Central Nervous System. The Nervous System is made up of three things: brain, spinal cord, peripheral nerves. Small mis-alignments of the spine causes pressure on the peripheral nerve which leads to disfunction / dis-ease of that nerve.  To put it plainly, your system becomes out of whack.  

Why don’t you take insurance? What is this going to cost me?

Insurance is not just a headache for patients; it’s a headache for doctors too. Your first visit to Body Shop Chiropractic will cost $45. That covers your physical exam and Health Snapshot. All following visits for the Report of Findings, adjustments and therapies will cost $32 (well below most co-pays.) It’s that simple.  After playing the insurance game for many years and spending countless hours on the phone and big dollars paying billing services, I’ve decided my hours are better spent helping patients feel better and spending time with my family – not fighting big companies for a few extra dollars. If you desire, I am happy to provide you paperwork from each visit (called a Super Bill) and you can provide this to your insurance company for reimbursement.

The last chiropractor I went to wanted me to come in all the time. Do you operate this way?

Here’s the deal – some people feel better after one or two adjustments, others will take more. Just like a broken bone takes 6 – 8 weeks to mend; certain damaged nerves can take 90 - 120 days to heal. My philosophy has always been to get you feeling better as quickly as possible.  Does that make me the best businessman? Probably not. But I hope your return to wellness will result in referrals. That’s what I bank on. Once out of pain, periodic adjustments are the key to wellness and keeping dis-ease at bay.

Do you use all those crazy machines?

No. I’m a Gonstead practitioner.  That's often referred to as the chiropractor's chiropractor. Gonstead is a specialized, hands-on technique. I will utilize ultrasound and stim units when I believe they will benefit you. And yes, that's included in the $32 office visit charge. To learn more about the Gonstead technique -- click here:

You’re a big guy, do adjustments hurt?

Adjustments aren’t about muscle – they’re about technique. I’ve adjusted everyone from infants to a frail 104 year old lady. My own boys were adjusted within hours of their births.

Will I need an X-ray?

95% of the time the answer is YES. The X-ray is the number one tool a chiropractor should utilize. As a Gonstead practitioner, I specifically create my care plan for you based on measurements taken directly from your X-ray. I use Premier Radiology in Providence (less than a half mile from our office) due to the fact they offer the highest quality and safest equipment in this region. They send your digital X-ray to me via a HIPPA compliant electronic system.They accept cash or insurance payments for your conveinience.   

Do I have to join the gym?

Nope, but it’s a great gym if you’re looking.

Two more things--  As a U.S. Army veteran and a citizen of Mt. Juliet, I’m happy to offer any active duty military members, police officers and fire fighters chiropractic care for $25 a visit. Your job is tough and a service to others. I want to return the favor.

Secondly, as a Christian I will extend the same offer to local ministers. Your job is not only tough but needed more than ever. I want to keep you in top shape.